Philip Hannel interviewed in his Houston workroom, is in the act of crafting an exquisite flower, each petal individually shaped and molded to replicate the intricacy and beauty of nature. Even the tools he is using speak to the precision and quality that are a hallmark of his work. 

"My aesthetic is modern with a nod to the classic glamour of the film noir scene of the 1940's", Hannel explains. His creations, in various stages of completion fill the room. From clever witty fascinators to breathtakingly dramatic ultra-wide-brimmed pieces, each is bespoke and they reflect a depth of fashion knowledge, from classic to trendy. He sums up his approach to style concisely, "Confidence is the boldest accessory."

- Linda Hofheinz

 Working in the fashion industry for over 10 years as a stylist and makeup artist for photo shoots and personal clients he noticed a common thread missing from local fashion, quality hats. Over the last years he has extensively studied to make a unique product that you can be proud of.


Piers Atkinson 

Edwina Ibbotson

-Private Lessons-

Rose Corey 

Marie O'Regan

-International Studies-

Millinery Workshop

-Judy Bentinck

Enamel and Metal Jewelry

-Sarah King

Hand Sewing for Couture & Bespoke Fashion

-Rowena Luke-King

Hand-Pressed Silk Flowers

-Joanne Edwards

Millinery Intensive

-Jessica Broas

-U.S. Studies-

EVA Flowers
- Galina Kofod

Thermoplastics: Out of the ordinary
- Laura Whitlock 

Bandeau & Bow
-Phillip Rhodes

Veiling Disc - 
Jan Wutkowski 


    Millinery for Fashion
-Barbara Kyle